Das Archi, eine Comeniusschule

Die europäische Integration gestalten und den Herausforderungen der Globalisierung begegnen: Wer dafür Verständnis wecken möchte und junge Menschen beim Erwerb von Fähigkeiten und Kompetenzen unterstützen will, die für ihre persönliche Entfaltung, ihre Beschäftigungschancen und eine aktive Bürgerschaft erforderlich sind, muss Europa im Unterricht und in der Schule erfahrbar machen und die Qualität der schulischen Bildung sicherstellen. Aus diesem Grund ist das Archigymnasium seit 2010 Comenius Schule und wird auch am Nachfolgeprojekt Erasmus+ teilnehmen. Auf diese weise gelingt es den Kontakt zu wechselnden Partnerschulen im europäischen Ausland aufzubauen uns sich regelmäßig gegenseitig zu besuchen. 

COMENIUS Project  2013 - 2015 

People And Place Worth Preserving For Posterity As A Part Of European Heritage 

This project was funded by the European Union within the Education Programme of the European Commission. Thank You!!

For a period of six days (08.04.2014 – 13.04.2014) Johannes and I were allowed to take part in a Comenius exchange project with Turkey. It was a great honour to both of us and we really enjoyed our stay in Turkey. For me it was an unforgettable time. I would propose everybody who thinks about going to Turkey to do so. 

Wie ihr wisst ist das Archigymnasium eine COMENIUS-Schule, das heißt, dass unsere Schüler an Austauschen zu den Partnerschulen unserer Schule teilnehmen können. In meinem Fall war das die 15. Liceum Schule Krakaus (eine Liceum Schule ist wie die deutsche Oberstufe allerdings in einem eigenen Schulgebäude).

Bevor wir, also Anastasia, Johanna und ich, uns auf die Reise machen konnten, mussten wir Pojekte zum Thema „People and places worth are part of the European heritage“ erarbeiten. Ich z.B. habe an einer Powerpoint-Präsentation über Karl den Großen gearbeitet.

We started our journey on Tuesday the 3th of  February 2015 at 12 o`clock at the  train station in Soest. They way took about 3 hours by train an one hour by plain, so we arrived in Manchester at 3 am. After this a taxi picked us up and drove us to the hotel from our German teachers. There we have to wait for about one and a half hour until the exchanges and their families fetched us.

My exchange student Amy, her mother Mrs. Gibson and her sister Harriet welcomed me very friendly. After that we drove to their home and ate the traditional tea meal fish and chips with Mr. Gibson who was nice too. I was so tired because of the long journey so I went to bed early.

Our exchange began at the train station on Tuesday morning. We met in Soest, six students and two teachers. Together, our group drove to the airport in Düsseldorf by train. There we had a bit of time left till we had to check in so we had lunch in a restaurant and at McDonalds. After that we checked in and took the plane to fly to Manchester. It was my first flight ever, so I was nervous, but I enjoyed it. From Manchester we drove one hour to Brighouse with a taxi. In the centre of the village Brighouse we waited in a hotel for our exchange students. To pass some time, we played cards and joked around.

On Tuesday, the 4th November I had to depart from home at 7:30 AM because we had agreed on meeting at 7:45 AM at the train station in Soest. My father brought me there by car. As soon as everybody had arrived, we went to the right platform and took a train to Düsseldorf at 8:04 AM. During the drive we ate lots of cookies and talked a lot. When we arrived at the airport of Düsseldorf, we took a shuttle bus to our terminal and checked in. Unfortunately I forgot to take of my belt so that the scanner bleeped and I was scanned separately by a man with a small scanner.

Field report about the trip to Sweden with the ‘’Comenius’’ program

In September 2014, I traveled to Trollhättan in Sweden in charge of Comenius , the project for lifelong learning. In the following I want to write about my experiences I made during the preparations and the trip to Sweden.

First I have to mention that I was attracted by the idea of this project in order to present our own city and country as well as its people to other countries.               It’s always interesting to read about other countries and people but very different to actually meet them and get to know their own traditions and ways of living. I thought it would be a good way of appreciating for the language. Besides the internet and other media gives us a chance to be connected to the world but meeting people in person is much more effective.